General Show Info

Updated 9/27/23

RPHSA follows the rules and practices as set forth by the United States Equestrian Federation.  It is suggested that you have access and familiarity with the USEF rulebook.  In the event of a protest or discrepancy, it is recommended that the RPHSA representative at the show make a ruling.  This is to be the first the secretary, then the show manager.

Horse welfare issues are to be brought immediately to the horse show secretary.

Horses entered in a Red Pine show are limited to 6 hunter over fences per day, 4 jumper classes per day or 3 dressage tests per day.


Stabling is always in high demand and fills up quickly. Most of our hosting farms are also training barns and have horses living onsite. In order to meet the stabling demands, we often have to order temporary stalls. With this comes months of planning and lots of behind the scenes activity to set up temporary stalls/tents and considerable up front costs. Below are general guidance around stabling, bedding, refunds, etc.  EACH HOSTING FARM HAS THE OPTION TO IMPLEMENT MORE STRINGENT CANCELLATION/REFUND PROCESS.  THE INFORMATION IS THE MINIMUM EXPECTATIONS FOR SHOW PARTICIPANTS.

Reserving stabling: You must make reservations by calling/texting the designated farm number---if you select a stall during online registration process but do not call and reserve a stall, you are not guaranteed a stall will be available. Be sure to confirm with your trainer that each of you are not (double) reserving a stall for the same horse. If that occurs, you will be responsible for both stall fees.

How to guarantee your stall reservation: 
Be sure to register online immediately after you confirm a stall is available and before the entry closing date.  Failure to do so may forfeit your stall reservation.

Day stall: Your stall is typically available from 7am until end of show that day. 

Overnight stabling: may be available after 5pm the day before your stabling reservation. Schooling at the show facility may or may not be available in the evening as some show days run long. Unless it is specifically stated that schooling your horse is available, you must ask the hosting farm whether it is permissible.

Bedding: At least one bag of bedding should go into your stall. The bedding cost includes things like manure removal fees, cleaning, etc.

Bedding requests: Before each show, the hosting farms order specific quantities of bedding based on requests. The hosting farms will only have a limited supply of extra bedding on hand so please make sure your bedding request is as accurate as possible. While some of the stalls may already have some clean bedding in it, its best to assume there isn’t any bedding when you determine the number of bags you need. Unused bags of bedding will not be refunded but you are welcome to take the bags that have been paid for.

Fans in temporary stabling:  Due to the prohibitive cost of renting generators, host farms are not required to provide electrical outlets for fan use.  Red Pine tries very hard to keep stabling prices low and generators can cost thousands of dollars to rent for a weekend show. We welcome your thoughts about paying more for stabling in order to have generator access.  With permission from the hosting farm, you may bring your own generator to power your fans.   


Refunds are subject to the hosting farm's specifications.  See prize list for details. 

Unused bags of bedding will not be refunded but you are welcome to take the bags that have been ordered and paid for.


Schooling at the show facility may or may not be permitted in the evening as some show days run long and sometimes courses need to be re-set.  Unless it specifically states that schooling is allowed, you should confirm with the hosting farm if it is permissible. Weather is also a factor as rings may need to be sealed before inclement conditions.

With the exception of Otter Creek, most of the horse show facilities allow schooling in the show arenas before the show begins each day. Typically the ring will be cleared 30 minutes before the classes begin in order to set jumps and/or prepare the footing.

Lunging: Please do not lunge in any of the show arenas. If you are unsure where to lunge, you can ask the show office.


Start times are generally 8:30am or 9:00am.  Please check Facebook or (see the message on the show registration page) about 48 hours prior to the show to see each day’s start time.

RPHSA encourages Minnesota riders in high school to check out the MINNESOTA HIGH SCHOOL EQUESTRIAN ASSOCIATION (website)-- including the Program Handbook and Instruction Worksheet

The MHSEA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation administered by the Minnesota Horse Council and whose mission is to promote equestrian disciplines as a high school team sport with an emphasis on education, citizenship and recognition of equestrian athletes. The MHSEA does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, creed, age, sexual orientation or physical handicap, in any manner, with respect to this program. The MHSEA is an independent provider and does not provide training or riding lessons.  The MSHEA is not sponsored by, administered by or sanctioned by a specific school, or school district or the MN State High School League.